OXIE epitomises fashion that is colourful, casual and fun.
Independently owned and operated by Sophie Garrard, a female entrepreneur having a crack at life. Sophie is also a practicing artist and art teacher by trade. Sophie initially started OXIE. in the hope to allow people to wear her art as a walking canvas. OXIE. originates from the idea that the hormone oxytocin makes us feel good, and in the hope that wearing OXIE. clothing, one feels good too.
Torquay, Victoria is the surfing capital of Australia and Sophie grew up in Torquay in the surfing culture, surfing and skateboarding from a young age. Sophie worked in the surf clothing industry for over 15 years and observed the trends of surf, skate and snow fashion culture. Sophie has been able to use her amalgamation of all of her experiences in life thus far to bring forth new ideas and designs in colourful fun garments.
At OXIE. we hope you feel good, love life and enjoy wearing our colourful clothes.


At OXIE. we are committed to a sustainable future. We are continually striving to produce garments using sustainable manufacturing methods. We package our garments in eco-friendly mailers. We also use 100% recycled envelopes and shopping bags manufactured in Australia.


At OXIE. we create garments that encapsulate colour, originality, fun, the love of life, surf, skate and snow culture through a range of illustrations and imageries.


At OXIE. our garments are sourced from ethical manufacturing factories around the world. OXIE. attempts to produce garments in Australia where possible, keeping local jobs and further promoting their commitment to both sustainable and ethical goals.